Credits to Jacelyne for writing this lore.

Aclaire are from a different/unique world called Asairen. Normally, Asairen was a peaceful and quiet place, for most. It was full of bird-like creatures. The smallest of them, basically the Aclaire's sister species inside this world, they were called the Severyn. They worked together in great harmony, each of them supporting one another with food, shelter, and water. They protected each other from the predators, it was easy for the Aclaire to protect the Severyns with their mighty wings, their wing-span getting up to 30-35 feet. The eldest one out of them all, his name was Chefre, he led the Aclaires and continued the peace in the land. He was the strongest of them all. He had powers no one had ever seen before in the world of Asairen, powers to manipulate the


sunlight as well as the power to control the blood of any creature.

Chefre knew he was the most powerful creature at that time, but soon, the Severyn began to grow powers of their own, manipulating the light of the moon as well as the movement and will of the creatures at any point in time through the sound of their voice. With this power, the Severyn's became evil over a period of time.

Slowly, the Severyn began to test their powers upon the Aclaire, manipulating their minds to cause them to walk off cliffs or cut off their own wings and let themselves bleed out. Chefre began to get angry with this, he tried his best to fight back with words, but he was manipulated and forced to cut off his own wings. He survived this, but wasn't able to get them back. One by one, the Aclaire's wings were removed from their backs, each one of them surviving but becoming depressed without their wings, their freedom. They were looked down upon by the rest of the creatures, laughed at, made fun of. They were a disgrace to all the races of Asairen, and it was all Chefre's fault.

As Chefre he grew older, he ended up falling and becoming slave to the wicked Severyn. For years, they were treated harshly, but allowed to breed. Each generation of Aclaire, the children were allowed wings until they were fully grown, when they then would be removed from their back. If any of them tried to escape at a young age, they'd be killed. Severyn became more and more powerful, Asairen falling into ruin. Chefre, before he died, passed his magic down to a young woman named Larista, she was said to still have her wings, for they were always developing due to a curse as a child. Everyone looked at her as a miracle, her wings growing over 35 feet and continued to grow. She was strong and powerful, and as Chefre died, his magic was left in her hands. Slowly, she began to kill each and every Severyn she ran into with the magic of the sun in her hands as well as the controlling of their blood.

Chefre never had the strength to kill, for he only loved, but he had believed in the powerful Larista. As Larista came to the last of the Severyn, she was defeated by the most powerful of them all, the leader, Zocray. He ended up manipulating her long enough to break the bones of her wings. She cried out in pain with every snap of the bone. Within that time, she became mad due to the pain, yet she still fought to control herself. Her kind ended up being banished off into the new world, their wings were still cut off and no chance of any power was left with them. Larista was thrown into a dungeon, left to go mad with the powers of Chefre, her wings growing deformed due to the breaking of them. She was to suffer the rest of her life there, where the Severyn laughed and dominated all of them. Every Aclaire born was hunted down when their wings developed to be removed. They weren't able to hide, for if they would, everyone they loved would be killed and they'd be hunted for the rest of their life to be killed.

Appearance: The Aclaire were fair skinned creatures, most of them having a golden tint to their skin. Their features were similar to that of a human, but they were breath taking. Their hair was naturally brown or gold. The royals of them had pin straight hair, which was cut at their shoulders. Regular everyday people normally had curly or wavy hair, which was long and untamed. Aclaire's are thin and somewhat tall depending on the gender, females generally being a foot shorter. These creatures usually have gold or hazel colored eyes. Teenage/Adult Aclaire's get their wings cut off, so there are two large, unremovable scars on their backs. An Aclaire wear white and gold robes, if royal. If they aren't royal, they usually wear clothing of their own liking.

Age: The age usually varies from 150 years to 250. Most of the royals of the Aclaire last up to 250. Citizens/regular people lasted about 150-190 because of disease and so forth. Aclaire are very slow at aging compared to the Severyn and the rest the creatures.

Attitude/Weakness Aclaire's are more civil and kind compared to other species. They are natural born leaders as well as protectors. They have a lot of patience due to the experience of their life. Aclaire are able to go mad easily by the loss of their wings or multiple deaths of a loved one. Regular/citizen Aclaire's wills are weaker than a royal's will. They are very caring creatures and love the breeze of the air as well as nature. Their wings are the most sensitive spot on their body, if hit or pulled on it could cause a lot of pain depending on the area.