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The Corrupted Elves, sometimes referred to as Orcs, are native to Esalond. Most of the population lives in the distant Elven lands; however, some may come east, hunting escaping Elves, or simply seeking to conquer foreign lands.

Corrupted Elves possess skin varying from green, grey, or even dark yellow, with black or grey as possible eye colors. Their hair can be black or grey as well. They are the tallest of the Elven race, towering at 7-8 feet in height. It is common for those of this race to have tusks protruding from their mouths; however, it is not always so. An Orc’s life span is about 200 years.

They are not intelligent by any possible interpretation of the word: perhaps a smart Orc could speak a full sentence with few pronunciation or grammatical errors. A smart Orc might also be able to, given much time to think, formulate a very simple course of action for an event. Needless to say, most Orcs are not this smart.

History Edit

Originally, the Orcs were merely ordinary Dark Elves. However, when Lavina requested the Dark Elves’ allegiance, and was denied, she cursed them, turning many of their brethren into her own slaves - Corrupted Elves. These creatures conquered and enslaved the rest of Esalond.

Later, Lavina commanded the Corrupted Elves to conquer the Minotaurs - again, her motives are unknown. Such was done, and with these armies, she waged war with the Elves. But the Elves were strong, and defeated her armies. Lavina curiously disappeared, and her army returned to Esalond.

Without leadership, the Corrupted Elves and Minotaurs have been waging war on whatever race pleased them. Presently, they are winning the war against the Elves of Asalqua, and a separate conflict against the Satyrs and Northerners.

Geography Edit

In Esalond, the Corrupted Elves dwell in scattered encampments, constantly preparing for battle. Some even live in ruinous fortresses, once claimed by the Dark Elves. Some major settlements are:

  • Kalaj - A large encampment, or a small town, with the sole purpose of capturing escaping slaves, and sending them back to slavery.
  • Okvarlin - A strong fortress of the Corrupted Elves, it is where many Corrupted Elves are trained, and where much equipment is forged.
  • Tulyk - A port city in Esalond, most of the vessels which leave Esalond for other lands originate here.

Religion Edit

The Corrupted Elves have long since forgotten their ancient belief in Deis. They possess no religion - only the animalistic desire to kill. Though, one might argue that they view Lavina as a goddess with a power greater than their own. Or one might argue that they simply fear her or are under her power. Nobody knows for sure.

Culture Edit

If one can call it a culture, the Corrupted Elves do possess a rather unique lifestyle. From childhood, Corrupted Elves are raised to be brutal killing machines. Training in fighting, forging, and commanding slaves is all necessary for a young Corrupted Elf to learn.

Once they reach maturity, Corrupted Elves spend the rest of their lives working to expand their society, be it forging for the armies, keeping the slaves under control, or entering the front lines against Northerners, High and Wood Elves, and Satyrs.