The Elves are a native race of Darais, much like the Satyrs, Minotaurs, and Northerners. Their homeland lies in the far east, though recently Elves have begun arriving all over the islands, taking up residence among other races newly brought here. However, some Elves are still taken to Darais via the afterlife.

The Elves are broken up into four sub-races. The Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Corrupted Elves, and High Elves. Some of these are natives of Darais; others are from other worlds; and some yet are both.

Both Wood and Dark Elves live for 800 years. High Elves live for 1200 years, and Corrupted Elves for 200 years. Elves age slowly, and so a 100 year old elf is equal to an 18-20 year old Human. Also, after the first 100 years, Elves begin to age even slower. A more detailed ratio of Elf age to maturity in Human years can be found below.

Elf Age Before 100 Human Age
5 1
15 3
25 5
34 7
50 10
75 15
100 20

As demonstrated in the table above, the age of an Elf in comparison to a Human can be determined using the ratio 100:20. More precise values of ages can be calculated in that way.