A geist is an undead bound in humiliating servitude. Geists are intelligent and can even speak. When one is risen as a Geist their eyes are fused into a central socket. Geists have large bony claws on their hands and feet. Geists are often demeaningly dressed in sexual bondage type attire such as a rubber mask or a rope tied around their neck. Geists usually do not wear chains made of metal links. Geists are skinny, thin and sniveling.

They are often tasked with stealth missions of sorts and can remember then relay vast lengths of information, but retaining for long periods is conditional, depending on the Geist’s mental capacity.

Geists usually do not have much rot, but bone can be seen in various places such as joints, hands, feet, fingers, toes and claws. Geists have long, thin, sharp teeth and a slithering tongue. A Geist’s ribs and organs are covered with flesh and do not spill out like other undead. Geists often congregate in numbers and ravenously bring one foe down and proceed to feed rapidly on its corpse. Geists walk by hopping around on all fours or scurrying on all fours. Geists can climb walls and ceilings using their claws.

When someone is being tortured or interrogated, Geists are often hired to whisper around the person or slowly dig and drag their claws into the victim's flesh to drive them mad. When not under control of an overlord, Geists often live underground, in sewers or in black markets, as they are somewhat sentient. When not eating flesh, Geists live off of fungus and other detritus.