The history of the server's lore spans far greater lengths of time and space than simply the singular world of Darais. There are many eras of our Goddess's planet, true, but many eras of player and god alike predate it. Below is a breakdown of timeline, in as easy of an order to swallow as we could create, of the happenings of the lore...

As more stories and relics of the past are discovered this page will be updated with new data.

In The Beginning...

Little is known about the beginning of the known universe, by the players. Even many of the entities upon Darais are not as old as the universe. Manny of the religions and sciences have theories, but none quite have it completely down... Whispers of eldritch beings state that the universe existed long before matter, light and energy were introduced into the fold. Religious individuals who pay homage to a god or gods claim that it was their deity who created the realms. Still, further, shamans of the elements hear stories from their elementals that the beginning began with one singular primordial elemental's death, who's divine corpse now constitutes the material world as we know it.

The Age of The Aldari

As of the fall of Karador, and after brave heroes ventured through the rifts and onto the Aldari home world, it was discovered that much of the galaxy's going-ones were either related to or a direct product of a race of space traveling elves known as the Aldari. Among the uncovered knowledge from Karador's cataclysm was a glimpse of knowledge revealing the earlier days of the Aldari.

Birthed upon the planet of Krytor, through completely organic and godless means, the Aldari were a race of elf like beings. These peoples formed so early, that by the recounting of many gods, the Aldari may have very well been the first sentient mortals to gaze up into the stars and breath consciousness. Having such an early head start gave them a vast technological advantage over other planet's people, even in comparison to civilizations who'd received major boosts from godly interventions. It would soon happen that the Aldari would develop into an extremely scientific people. Having no god that ruled over them, they had little concept of religion or the metaphysical. To them nothing was "magic", but all was science; There existed nothing in the universe, in their minds, that could not be explained with research and study.

Eventually the Aldari would come across one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the universe: Rift Technology. Vast, massive citadels and temples capable of tapping into fields of energy - what most would call magic - that overlayed the physical realm. It started small, with studies into how light, electricity, and magnetism worked and were connected. Then they moved onto gravity and other forces of the universe. Eventually the Aldari became so advanced that their citadels and temples, which accessed these rifts, were capable of being instantaneously transported to another location within space. For the first time in mortal history, organic beings became capable of traversing the cosmos. This was the beginning of the Aldari's "space" stage - although their temples were not true space ships - and the start of an empire that would span the stars...

Still little is fully known about these beings and what shattered remnants of their civilizations remain. Many secrets await you, hero. What will you uncover?

The Great Crusade of Death


Darais: The Primordial Era

Darais: The Ancient Era

Darais: The Elven Era






In the beginning of Ossium there was one peoples. These peoples were of beasts; The Lycaon. Something about the planet's nature allowed for extremely fast evolution. The Lycaon, across the world, took on adaptations which made them appear similarly to any mammal.

Years passed and a new peoples were said to have descended from the stars, to the stones of the world, from great voyages. They settled within a great mountain, boring into the marrow of the crust. From these voyagers would arise the Dwarves. The Dwarves were reclusive and rarely left their mountain. However, some yet did. These who would leave the mountains became the Elves, who would settle around a great tree that connected all plant life on the world. The Elves and Dwarves evolutionary differentiated around the same time, from the same root race. Eventually, the two divergent races - once established and civilized - would reunite for trade and politics. From these meetings, and eventual courtings, sprung humans. Humans were at first a half race of dwarves and elves but would later go on to mingle with one another to become more individual.

Human populations would become the most successful to populate the world of Ossium and would be the first beings on this planet to discover the words of the god of Law and Order, Vorbeck. Through Vorbeck the church or the Vorrak was formed, and holy laws instated around most of the human civilizations.

Darais: The Isles

Darais: Asquala

Darais: The Ancient Lands

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