The Isan’i are a branch of Humans native to Orayi. They're a largely seafaring race, generally skilled in regard to the seas, and most of them know how to swim. For whatever reason, they possess extremely pale skin and white, silver, or grey hair.

History Edit

None know how the Isan'i race came about, but their early days were a time of strife and suffering. Barely able to survive, they were at the bottom of the food chain. Only the discovery of sailing would be their salvation.

And, soon, they did rise. They tamed the seas, built cities on pillars dug into the ocean floor, cultivated the islands for food. Life was good.

But people began to suddenly obtain power over the world around them, an unearthly, unnatural magic. These people quickly were venerated or lynched, toppled or risen to heights never seen before. Those who lived with the gift became kings with incredible power, and sought to spread their empire.

And so began an age of war and empires, until one Isan’i led his people to conquer all of Orayi. B’atar was his name, and, due to his especially honed prowess with magic, and incredible empire-building skills, he conquered the world.

But, he did not do this without much bloodshed, and, ever since his death, his empire has begun falling apart. Orayi fell into a global rebellion, a massive world war, where many died. This accounts for some of the Isan’i on Darais—however, when The Catastrophe occurred the Isan’i were wiped out.

Geography Edit

Orayi, the Isan’i homeworld, is a world almost completely covered in ocean water. Though, the ocean is quite shallow around land, making it easier to construct such cities. They reserved land for the purpose of growing crops.

The world is almost always storming, making it not only very wet, but also very dark. This glum atmosphere does not make Orayi the most sought after of places.

However, the Isan’i learned to live within such a depressing landscape, and constructed cities of stone towers, rising high above the turbulent waters, up towards the heavens. Due to the depth of the ocean, and their lack of technology, this was only possible around land masses, making these cities large, but few. Some major cities are:

  • Ess’kina - The largest city on Orayi, this city-state eventually conquered all others, and then lost control.
  • Ris’drae - The oldest city on Orayi, and the only one built on land. Ris’drae was built over the Aldari colony, and while its history is forgotten, it stands as a symbol of Isan’i fortitude.
  • Or’iss - Considered a holy city by all Isan’i. This is the city where the Aldari first bestowed the Isan’i with magic. While they do not believe in gods, they do believe that the power given then was holy - for it was the manipulation of energy, of Shyieg’a itself.
  • There is a possibility of small unknown islands containing Isan'i tribals who have retained their physical strength and did not have the azure gift.

Religion Edit

The Isan’i were, of course, originally Aldari, and had very logical and precise views of the world around them. But, eventually, the hardships of survival on the hostile world of Orayi caused that knowledge to slip away.

The challenges facing the Isan’i, though they did steal from them many of the secrets of science, did not remove the knowledge that there were secrets of science. That is, they could not remember how science worked, but they did recall that a logical explanation for everything did exist.

They did not believe in gods, nor did they believe in the scientific explanations for everything that the Aldari possessed. Instead, they believe there is a force, a dominant law of nature, which controls the universe. Again, it is not a deity, but a power. They call this Shyieg’a.

This power does not operate alone, however. Though they believe it controls how the universe works, they believe that the universe is made up of two fundamental materials, elements, and that these elements allow Shyieg’a to keep the universe running. Shyieg’a is believed to embody air, light, heat, lightning, cold, magic, fire, and the unknown forces.

Iss’pol is the first element, and it is said to make up water and blood. It is also said that Iss’pol allows Shyieg’a to control death and chaos.

Cer’oldi is the second element, and it makes up earth and our bodies. It allows Shyieg’a to grant life and hold the universe together.

Culture Edit

A small group of Isan'i refer to themselves as Malvar. The Malvar made themselves more elven in appearance and architecture, but are still Isan'i. (Players may no longer RP as being an Isan'i Malvar unless the character was made prior to this)

The Isan’i people, of course, also have a unique culture. That is, before Orayi fell into rebellion. In the current time, most Isan’i are either directly involved in the conflict, and are fighting actively for control of one city or another, or they are uninvolved civilians who are fleeing the cities on anything that floats. Presently, the Isan’i race is in a state of utter turmoil.

However, previously, the Isan’i were quite civilized. It was customary for men to either join their nation’s military, or go into religious science, studying Shyieg’a and the Elements. Though, women did not get such opportunities, and most women are, essentially, housewives.

The Isan’i also had a bit of social order. Of course, government officials (rulers, stewards, marshals, etc.) were at the top of the pyramid. Below them are the wealthy citizens, the nobility, who hold sway on the government, despite not being an official part of it. Below them are soldiers and Shyieg’a scholars, men who’ve gone into one of those fields. Next comes men in any alternate field, and then women. At the bottom of the pyramid are prisoners/slaves. On Orayi, the punishment for violating the law was not simply imprisonment; you were sold into slavery, for a set amount of time.