The Spire
File:The Spire 1.png
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location The Shadow Realms
Inhabitants Malum

History of the Spire Edit

In the beginning, the ancients began to notice that with bending the negative energy within them to their will, they could make magical things happen. Soon, they began to study this art, known as Eclipse Magic. The ancients later noticed that they could never cast any spells of great power with Eclipse Magic, every time they would focus enough negative energy to cast a normal spell, the spell would fail. They later realized that drawing from their own darkness within themselves wasn’t enough - they needed a permanent and definite source of Eclipse Magic.

With this in mind, the ancients created the Spire. The Spire was crafted by thousands of ancients. Once the Spire’s construction was finished, the most advanced warlocks of the time, known as the Malum Warlocks, gathered in the Spire and cast the darkness from within themselves into the Spire. The price of doing so came at a great cost, and this cost was their lives. After the Malum Warlocks transferred the darkness and life inside of them into the Spire, Eclipse Magic became more powerful and accessible. During this time, any ancient that would visit the Spire would hear strange whispers echoing in the Spire.

The Dark Spire and its' power is protected by Malum. Today, and throughout all history, users of all types of Eclipse Magic have viewed the Dark Spire as a gift and show it great respect.