A voodoo zombie is simply a risen body with no soul or spirit within it. Voodoo zombies do not rot. Voodoo zombies cannot act on their own without instruction or they will otherwise stand like a statue until the body withers away.

Voodoo zombies do not have to be risen from a corpse. If the practitioner of magic is powerful enough and has this kind of determination they can push the soul out of a subject’s body which instantly turns it into an undead voodoo zombie. Since voodoo zombies do not rot there will be no undead-looking change in the body. The skin will, however, become dryer, paler or darker and the eyes may become milk white or the color of the magic used to turn them. A voodoo zombie can have its soul placed back into it’s body and regain it’s will. If this happens they will be considered an undead for the rest of their unlife, No matter how alive they seem.

A voodoo zombie cannot be created if the subject’s body contains something more powerful than a soul. Examples are Banshees, Wraiths, etc...