Much like a zombie. Wights, however, are brutes. Hunched over with bulbous masses of muscle on their backs, large hands and feet along with a large mouth. A wight can only be created by a Revenant, which is another undead entirely.

Wights are frequently quite intelligent, and seem to retain the mind that they had in life. A wight may or may not contain a soul/spirit. Of course, like any undead, their will can be bent and memories altered by the resurrector.

They often have a gassy atmosphere around them released from the stress of their muscles that spreads plagues, but this is not their main purpose.

Wights can go into a rage so fierce they begin to deteriorate their own dense muscles from the exertion. Wights are tall and never seen as something to just wander by. A wight can run, crush, bash walls and other vertical objects, break stone and crush a man in it’s hands. Wights cannot crush strong protection spells, Saronite, mithril, menthril, menithril or mage plate. A wight’s mouth can fit around the average person’s head easily.

When not being controlled by an overlord or not in a pack of other undead, wights are generally uninterested in attacking others. If a lone Wight is approached by another undead the wight will not act hostile towards it, but this is only for other undead. Wights when left unattended will not decay and can even heal from wounds. Wights are not frankenstein monsters, but can sometimes appear as such. A wight can cause a shake in the ground when jumping, running and especially when smashing its fists to the ground.